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Turf King by nature employs strict safety guidelines in the use of our lawn nutrients, soil-enhancing minerals, weed and pest control products and application procedures at all times.

Our Professional, Ontario-licenced/certified, trained Service Technicians work alone in their own assigned, sanitized daily service vehicles.  Our service treatments are outside which means we are not in contact with the general public or others during our daily duties as part of our standard operating procedures.

Our uniformed staff wear personal protective safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection, and keep ourselves and our vehicles clean and sanitized as regular daily safety measures. As a precaution as well, any technicians who report any symptoms of the virus will self isolate for immediately for 14 days. As always, Turf King provides service information after each visit to our clients.

Our service normally includes knocking on doors to let our clients know we are on your property and to discuss specific client needs. However, this contact method will be suspended during this time until it is appropriate to reinstate it. If you would like to talk about service, a friendly Customer Representative is just a phone call away.

Spring turf and plant growth doesn’t wait, and weeds and insect pests don’t either. It is important for us to continue timely treatments to promote a thick, green, healthy lawn proactively during the season so you can enjoy your home and outdoor environment.

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