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Weed Expectations
Weeds are not easy to exterminate these days with the organic products.
Dandelions are the easiest but will still take time- some weeds do not respond very well to the organic product. We won't tell you that you will never see a weed.
Some companies may be telling you that all the weeds will disappear- but we will not make unrealistic promises.
The weed treatment will cause the tops of the dandelion to turn black and shrivel up. Then as the leaves disintegrate- it appears as if the dandelions have gone. But the tops have died and not the roots. The plant will likely regrow in a few weeks. It takes several treatments to kill it down to the root.
Being on a lawn program is essential as this helps to eliminate the baby dandelions. So our treatments this year are also helping to make the lawn less weedy in the future.
So it is important to feed the lawn as well. As the dandelions are weakened, the lawn is strengthened. It's like tackling the problem from 2 different ends. Over time as the lawn gets better and the dandelions weaker, there will be fewer. It is not guaranteed that they will all be gone in one season. Plus new seeds are deposited each year and new seedlings will sprout.
Creeping weeds are much more difficult to eliminate. The leaf edges will curl and blacken, but the whole plant may not disappear the way dandelions do. 
Some creeping weeds will go if they are sprayed heavier. This can create a risk. The heavier treatment is more likely to burn a lawn- especially in hot and dry conditions during the summmer.
Some folks will say- go ahead and zap the weeds, if the lawn burns, we can re-seed- we'd rather get the weeds out.
Others- will say- no- I'm having a birthday party next month and it's better for the lawn to have a few weeds but to still be green and not burnt.
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